Construction Management

Construction management is a professional service that addresses a most complex challenge in the building of a project.

Throughout its years of operation, Sharon Goldstein Holdings has managed construction processes, from the project planning phase until completion, thereby realizing the potential offered and achieving the anticipated result.

We offer an uncompromising quality mark, and provide raw materials also from suppliers across the world, to guarantee that the project obtains top quality finishing products at cost-benefit, so as to comply with the requisite Israeli standards.

Sharon Goldstein Holdings’ warranty seal is attained via the company’s main departments: planning, execution, legal and economic, all of which manage the process.

Planning Department:   Responsible for obtaining permits and drawing up detailed work plans to ensure that planning conforms to execution.

Legal Department:  Establishes contact with the competent authorities and drafts legal documents with contractors; ensures that adequate basic insurance coverage exists to protect the company against all the risks involved in constructing a project, and guarantees that quality assurance, product liability and inspection is available for many years.

Economic Department:  Determines budgets, drafts tenders and provides close financial guidance.

Control Department: Maintains daily contact with contractors and foremen at construction site, ensures there is complete coordination among all the parties involved.

Our strict observance of project implementation by all the departments concerned, combined with a thorough understanding of budget management, time frames and resources, enable the company to maintain full control of all project components – and that makes all the difference!

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