Sharon Goldstein Holdings‘ entrepreneurial activity focuses on the dynamics of the property market in Israel, on changes to legislation at any given moment, identifying and realizing the real estate potential.  This is accomplished through property development and betterment, as well as selecting the option that maximizes the full legal rights.

Property development from our point of view is the trust granted to us to recognize the route that offers the possibility of turning an undeveloped property into a viable economic project – each with a unique story of its own.

Tama 38 urban renewal, project evacuation and construction: here, residents feel confident in selecting us for the right property management, and together, we set off to chart a new course of full cooperation.

The equilibrium between an economic project and adopting a humane approach that is sensitive to residents and their needs is of utmost importance to Sharon Goldstein Holdings for the project’s success.

We offer residents alternative solutions that enable them to realize their dream of prospective apartment renewal and helping them to maximize this potential.

Sharon Goldstein Holdings also offers a project portfolio in the income-yielding property market, including private construction, condominium complexes and commercial real estate.

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